Creating Shortcuts for the game

This section provides instructions on how to create shortcuts to the extracted game in Linux with KDE and Windows. I don't have any other OS or DE (Linux), so if you want instructions for other OSs/DEs, you will have to firgure it out on your own. However, you are encouraged to send me the step-by-step instructions for inclusion on this page.

Linux (KDE):

  1. Create a .desktop file. (any method works: KDE menu editor, shortcut menu, whatever works...)
  2. Enter anything you want for the Name, Description, and Comment. (You can use the icon in the Images folder of the extracted game)
  3. For the command, type in: java TriPeaks
  4. For the Work Path, type in the directory to which you extracted the game.
  5. Save. Test. Use.
  6. NOTE: The bouncing icon will bounce even after the program has started (KDE hasn't gotten feedback from the program that it's done). If it bothers you, uncheck "Enable launch feedback".

Screenshot of finished shortcut in KDE:

KDE shortcut for TriPeaks


  1. Create a new shortcut. What you type in during the "wizard" is irrelevant.
  2. Go into the shortcut's properties. Change the Target to: java TriPeaks
  3. Change the Start In property to the directory in which you extracted the game (it should already be there, but still).
  4. OK. Test the shortcut.
  5. NOTE: When you use the shortcut, a command prompt will open (the game will too). DON'T CLOSE THE COMMAND PROMPT!!! If you do, the game will terminate. If it really bothers you, just minimize it while you're playing. Altrenatively, you can set the Run drop-down to Minimized, which will minimize the command prompt automatically.
  6. You can't use the .png as the icon in Windows. If you really want to, you can convert it to a .ico and then set it.

Screenshot of finished Windows shortcut:

Windows Shortcut